A safe place to land

Normally in March, I devote a post to promote DVT Awareness Month. Like I did last year with this post. However given the current situation with Coronavirus, my mind is just not in it, and I feel that is far more important to worry about right now. For those who don’t know, I live in Southern California, and work for a large HealthCare Company that owns several hospitals, among other entities. and we have some patients who have tested positive in all those hospitals.

The situation is real, and the seriousness of it is very real. It is no longer a matter of if it will get to your area, but more of a “when”. It will get much worse before it gets better, as I feel there are so many more positives here that are just waiting for a test to be able to take which will really jump up our numbers. For those of you who do not think this is serious, or think it is just the flu, please do your research and learn the facts so you are prepared too. My stress level from this because of increased work duties now, or for my own health as well as my families is off the charts. No I am not being paranoid, since I am working with it, and seeing it with my own eyes.

Unfortunately sometimes it takes times like this, to see people come together, forget the issues they may have had with each other, and all start working together. It is also important for all of us to remember to stay positive, for stressing and worrying over the unknown never helps. In the meantime my friends, stay safe and stay strong <3

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