As you are

You’re feeling isolate
And all kinds of frustrate
But I love you as you are
Love you as you are, yeah
And don’t worry about the hate
It don’t fit in those boxes they create
And it’s tearing you apart
It’s tearing you apart, yeah And when you build those walls to keep you safe
It’s like a prison you can’t escape
You tear them down, you just might hear me say I love you as you are

I heard this song, and couldn’t help but cry. So much hatred everywhere, and almost each and everyone of us, in one way or another, feels as if we don’t fit in, or has our own kinda struggle. This one hits me hard for my own, and my own fights I go through, or for those close to me go through. For example, I will just put it out there… I have lupus. But when you stay healthy, and try to avoid your triggers, you can live a long and healthy life. But the biggest thing you have to avoid is stress. Now, at work, I am up for two new positions, both very stressful jobs, but I want them. I am scared to death they will find out, and it keeps me from the promotion. Yes, legally, they can’t discriminate, but we all know… it just can allow them to choose someone else “more qualified”. Just another struggle. Like I think I have seen people post in FB how some talk about their struggles so openly on FB, I am pretty sure I never put this out there, I generally keep quiet unless it is a positive post, generally cuz I try to remain positive always to avoid stress, best way to be in my eyes! ok rant over! LOL

Hair:             Magika Rowan – NEW!

Dress:       ~Nerido~ Lyma Dress @ Fameshed X

Pose:        DePerla Poses Set 01


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August 11, 2019

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August 13, 2019