Christmas isn’t Christmas

Ohhh it has been way too long since my last post, but so much has happened.

It has been a very challenging last several months, well, the entire year however for me, the last few months have been the most challenging. I have been dealing with some personal health issues, and long story short, to where I get a horrible pins and needles pain in my fingertips and stiffness in my fingers. Hence one reason my activity with pictures had changed. They have me on new medicine and so far, it is helping some.

Then to add more to my challenges, I decided last minute, to move cross country!! I never thought I would have moved out of California, but with my position going remote full time, I took advantage and moved to Alabama to be closer to some special family of mine. I am actually loving it here, and just now waiting for my moving truck to finally arrive so I can feel completely settled in (besides having my desk setup fully too!)

Head:          LeLUTKA.Head.Fleur

Skin:            Glam Affair – Riona @ Access

Hair:            DOUX – Olga

Outfit:         [Glitzz] Sleigh Doll 

Necklace:    *AvaWay* FELICITY

Nails: Ascendant @ FameshedX

Pose:   – Sweet Art – Cozy Xmas Poses @ Equal 10


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