Finally having some time to be able to catch up on an old picture, but rl has completely spun out of control It is funny how when you sorta get busy elsewhere, and the time you spend in SL is super limited so you try to focus on getting pictures done when you can, or other commitments you may have. But finally my head is in a better place! Within one week, which started a little over a week ago.... my dog was bit by a brown recluse spider, and fortunately I took her to the vet in time. She is on antibiotics, but I had to stay beside her at all times to prevent her from scratching her open wound. Not sure what you know about those type of spider bites, but it creates necrosis, and her skin has died around it leaving a very large open wound, bigger than the size of a golf ball. I have to clean it several times a day and try to keep it clean.

If that wasn't enough, my brother tested positive for COVID, and just the day before his symptoms showed, he was with my mom. A couple days after he tested positive he was sent to the hospital as he had a difficult time breathing. I was only able to talk to him via text, as he couldn't even really talk. Finally just a day or two ago, I was able to talk to him, and that helped with the stress and me being worried. Now we just keep our prayers that my mom doesn't catch it, as it could be devastating with her given her age. We are all staying positive though!

On top of it all, I am now required to take one PTO day a week to help with budget constraints at work due to the virus. People just assume that working for a hospital we would be making money, it is the complete opposite. Physicians aren't able to see regular patients, elective surgeries have stopped, we have no revenue coming in and just hoping that the government will provide assistance, and if so, soon.

It is times like this, you realize who your true friends are... and those who have stuck by you during a difficult time, and for that I am so grateful <3

Head:           Lelutka Nova V 1.2

Skin:            [Glam Affair] Isis

Hair:            Stealthic - Shallows 

Top:             VINYL - Blackberry Top @ TLC

Shorts:         ROULY :: Supermodel Jeans

Necklace:    KUNGLERS - Melania @TLC

Bracelet:     KUNGLERS - Fabianna   @Fameshed        

Earrings:     KUNGLERS - Janis earrings @ Cosmopolitan

Pose:            Lyrium Garden View @ The Pose Fair Market

Cat:              [Rezz Room] European Cat Adult