Missing someone is a feeling that sometimes really gets to you. It can be a loved one who has passed away, and you treasure their memories but no matter how much time goes by, you will always miss them.

Then it can be someone close to you, either they are traveling or gone for personal reasons, but you miss them dearly and when you are finally together again, that warm feeling you get to have them back makes you forget the time they were away.

Then there is also missing someone that just is gone longer than expected, and the unknowing if and when they return, hoping they are ok, and worry slips in. How long do you try to hope for their return, or wonder if they won’t. That type of missing really sucks.

This is a lesson to treasure those who are close to you, and never take anything for granted. This is a lesson I learned really hard a few years ago that in a few days I will write more about as I do a tribute for that cause, but being close to death, really close… makes you appreciate people more in your life, and probably miss them even more.

Head:         Lelutka Aida

Skin:           [Glam Affair] Delilah @ Access

Hair:           Doux – Playful

Outfit:      MAAI Foxy schoolgirl @ Kinky

Earrings:  :ANDORE: Melani Earrings @ Kinky

Backdrop:  K&S – // Did you miss class today?

Pose:         Pink Moss – Arrivederci @ The Pose Fair opening March 7th



Puppy play time

February 28, 2020

Take me home

March 1, 2020