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California is officially been given the order to “Stay at Home” which I completely agree with to help slow down the spread of the Coronavirus. We already are overwhelmed at the hospitals I work for, and short on supply and blood. I have been so swamped working on all the new Dashboards we need to push out to our hospital staff that is related to Coronavirus. This is real everyone.. so please do not take it lightly.

While most of us are at home now, either working remote like me unless I get called into the hospital, or home schooling and staying safe, please remember to exercise, get up once an hour to walk around and not sit in your chair for hours each day. This is a great time to remember it is DVT Awareness Month, and just sitting at your desk for hours and hours every single day does increase the risk of blood clots. I decided I wasn’t going to talk much about the awareness month given the situation, however I do feel this is something that is extremely important for everyone to know and make sure they do. Please go and check the risk factors, as I am a two time survivor, both times almost dying from DVT and PE’s, and I don’t want to see anymore friends or family having this happen to them too as I already have. Please go here ClotAwareness and check and see if you are at risk and know the symptoms. For more information you can also check out my previous post on my own story of DVT and PE

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March 19, 2020

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