Haven’t done pictures in what seems like forever. So much is going on for me with work, real life stuff and trying to just chill for me. Working for a hospital system in Southern California, it has been insanely busy. Sometimes by the time I log out of work I am so exhausted from my day, I just have to chill quietly and watch a movie or a show (since we are locked down again here). I am forever grateful for my little group of friends, as we can have fun and keep each other entertained even outside of SL! Hopefully over the next week or two I will start taking pictures more regularly.

Lelutka has come out with a new head for us ladies called Fleur, and just wow is it gorgeous and so different than any other previous heads of her. Took some getting use to, and I am sure even after this shot I will keep doing some tweaking here and there, but so far, I have fallen in love with it. Glam Affair has also released three gorgeous skins for Fleur. Fleur and the new skins will all be released on Friday, July 24th!

Head:           Lelutka Fleur – At the main store July 24

Skin:            [Glam Affair] Muse – At the main store July 24

Blush:          Heaux

Eyes: Aviglam Siren Eyes @ The Epiphany

Lips: Top1Salon – Barely Lipstick

Hair:            Doux – Dua @ Equal 10



Down time

July 7, 2020

Just for Now

August 4, 2020