Hula Party

Wow what a week, or is past few weeks, and firstly.. sorry for the lack of posts few days, but my rl has been insane, so insane nobody would believe it. As soon as you think I have dealt with one incident, something else crazy happens, I am shocked I haven’t lost my mind… or have I already lost it? But thanks to some amazing friends letting me vent when I needed to, I am here. It is times like that, when you need them the most, that you really know who they are, and you truly are grateful for them. You know, some say, SL is just a game, or SL is SL, and RL is RL, but there are a few friends in SL, that I bring into my RL and we are 100% there for each other through our RL ups and downs, and I value that more than anything! So thank you to those friends, I love you to the moon and back! <3

The worst out of everything, I mean, my car got hit by some lady, its now in the shop, so that’s nothing and fixable… but my dog got into an altercation with a pitbull. We had to take him to the doggy hospital and he had surgery to sew his eyelid back on 🙁 $1400 vet bill completely unexpected, those are never fun.

So that is where I have been and why my head hasn’t been into the “creative” mode. But I am here and back and forth watching Loki!

Summerfest is almost over, and I am showing some more of their amazing items. I have to admit, I was a little nervous covering this event because it sounded overwhelming, but I will admit, it was so organized, and so wonderfully laid out, that I truly had so much fun, and it was not overwhelming at all! I had the best time and honestly hope to be back next year!!

Cosmic Dust has this super sexy bikini, showing some under boob, and the bum.. just enough of each!

Doe and it’s watermelon hair is darling.. with an option to show the watermelons or not show them.

OMEN and it’s vespa, but I think my little friend is afraid of the crab’s from MishMish, but why… they just want to play with all of us!

And the beach essentials from Merak, absolutely love this and will use it so much, perfect Decor for so many different occasions!

Head:        .LeLutka.Head.Aida

Skin:          [Glam Affair] Toshia @ Uber

Hair:          Doe: Watermelon @ Summerfest

Lipstick:     Ascendant – Kora

Nails:         Ascendant – Run Lola Run

Outfit:            [Cosmic Dust]  – Layla Bikini @ Summerfest

Scene at @ Summerfest

O.M.E.N – Summer Vespa

.peaches. Anchors  Aweigh Beach Chair

MishMish – Cutie Crab Deco

[Merak] – Beach Essentials

And here is my best friend Loki… they had to shave around his eye, and now it looks like he has a black eye, poor guy. He is so smart, that unfortunately he has figured out how to fit his paw into the cone and scratch it, which means less sleep for mom here, when I can hear him scratching during the night!

Loki not liking his cone.


The way you roll

July 1, 2019

Happy 4th of July!

July 4, 2019