I don’t want to overdose

I am pretty sure most of us have had one of those relationships, where you love them, but in one way or another it is just an unhealthy relationship. Well I am so guilty of that as one of my past SL relationships that lasted for too long, 2 years too long was just that. In the beginning, it seems so amazing, and I was so happy. I do believe we both did truly loved each other. I can honestly say that. However, over time, with his drinking or as time went by, it became the most verbally abusive or toxic relationship I have ever been in and I did not like who I had become. We would break up and I always went back, unfortunately. Until I finally knew the only way to get over him, was to leave SL and completely break that “addiction” for a little while. I did just that, and when I came back, I came back on my old main, the avi I am on now and the only avi I will ever play. Was like a clean slate and a fresh start for me. Best decision I ever did as over the last few years since, I truly love myself for who I am, but most importantly, I know exactly what I want. So yes, I may take babysteps in getting to know people, and my walls might be the size of Fort Knox but better to be careful then have that revolving front door that probably 80% of the relationships have. This song reminds me of that relationship, click it below and listen, its gorgeous!

Head:         Lelutka Aida

Skin:           [Glam Affair] Ella @ C88

Hair:           DOUX – Marilyn

Lingerie:   [I<3F] – Elina @ Kinky

Nails:        [GA.EG] Xtra Long Zebra Bento Nails @ Kinky

Pose:          Le Poppycock – Bright Ideas @ TLC




February 13, 2020