I’ll love you forever…

“No longer by my side but forever in my heart.”

This is probably the hardest post for me to write. Wednesday morning I went to take Loki to the groomers. The little guy, like most Shiba’s had severe anxiety, and as soon as we walked into the groomer’s it hit him, I wasn’t even in the door and he started wiggling and was able to completely escape out of his harness instantly and booted out before the door was even closed. I was chasing him through the parking lot, along with several other people who were witnessing what was happening. Then up and down the sidewalk and everywhere he was taking us, until that led to an extremely busy street. Many cars noticed and stopped, trying to coax him into their car, or to stop so other cars would stop and not hit him. Then I saw it, I knew it was gonna happen. A big white SUV he was texting, not paying attention, and slammed right into Loki stopped for a brief second to see what happened and took off, and I saw Loki laying their lifeless. This image has played over and over in my head ever since.

At first I thought he was already gone, until I heard these loud little cries. Everyone was running to him, and someone just scooped him up and ran him to me and we instantly put him into my car. Blood everywhere, coming out of his mouth, nose, his leg, it was the worst thing I had ever seen. On the way to the vet hospital he was crying and trying to look up at me but couldn’t move his head and I was crying hysterically, and petting him with one hand constantly telling him how much I loved him and telling him to hang on.

We arrived at the hospital, they were outside as I had called ahead, and they grabbed him and took him in the back to stabilize him. What seemed like hours, the vet finally pulled me into a room and said he was finally stable, however he had severe head trauma, and they would have to undergo extensive tests to find out everything else. His head was only able to rest to the left, and unable to move. He was paralyzed with a broken neck. He was also born with a congenital heart disease and we knew he had a short lifespan already, but we were giving him the best life and he had a few more years left! It was the hardest decision of my life, but I knew what was right for him and to allow him to rest peacefully.

I loved this little guy so much, I swore after my last dog never again, but a year after my father passed, I truly needed a little companion, and seeked him out. After my hospitalization a couple years ago, when he was still just a pup, he never left my side as I learned to walk again. This little guy was so darn smart, he might had chewed up all my favorite shoes, but it was ok, I loved him! He could even open doors!! I will hold such a special place in my heart for him always ❤️

Head:           LeLutka.Head.Aida

Skin:             [Glam Affair] Aida

Hair:             TRUTH Ambience

Dress:          (fd) Cutout Oversized Sweater @ C88



Only wanted one thing...

November 5, 2019