Play it Again

Thank GOD 2019 is F’n behind me!! Isn’t my worse year, that would be the year my dad passed away, but this was right behind it. I know I have had many posts where I didn’t write anything, and honestly, some even recently and it is cuz I couldn’t even clear my head enough to write something. But… THIS IS MY YEAR! And not just my year, but all of our years. Not just our year, but a whole new decade to start fresh. One thing I can say, is at least I have stayed true to what I believed in.

Thank you to those of you, who were there for me through some tough times, I truly appreciate it as it meant the world to me!!

This new skin hits Access tomorrow!! Glam Affair is making it for the new Evolution line by Lelutka and yep, there is no way any of you have missed that line as it is all over social media!!

Head:           Lelutka Aida

Skin:             [Glam Affair] Leilani @ Access


Come around

January 10, 2020

Cry for Me

January 12, 2020