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So transpac update!

Well last few nights I have had little sleep. My brother and his team were in first place for first few days!! Then at 3 am Sunday night, their sail blew!! All hands on deck immediately to change sails, and try to change their strategy fast! It was their main spinnaker sail which helped them in light wind. Losing that sail has made it tough, but they still have other sails for the good wind moments! TOUGH MOMENTS but things happen in Transpac. A total of 7 boats out of the 93 have had to turn around. One of those 7 actually sank. It had hit an unknown object which broke it’s rudder, and the water intake was too much for them. That happened at 2 am 2 nights ago, and fortunately, Roy Disney and his crew were only 1 mile away, and the heroes that they are, they chose to forfeit the race, change their route and go pick them up, and all return back to shore. They said the hardest part was slowing down from their racing speed when they arrived to them, and then dealing with the lifeboat at 2 am. SCARY!! But I am so glad all 19 members are okay. Another amazing unfortunate mishap, was Maserati, Giovanni’s Italian team had hit an extremely large object, and they had to stop for an hour or two to make repairs, and it ripped off their right wing. They were able to stay in the race and are still THIRD moving ahead at amazing speed! If you want to see what it looks like on the tracker, it is right here Last night while my brother was on watch, sailing the boat, he said he was in 24 foot waves. Yep, I’ll pass on that! LOL Anyways, please keep them in your prayers, his boat reached the half way point early this morning so still got a ways to go for them!!

Head:          .LeLutka.Head.Aida

Skin:             [Glam Affair] Jess

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Nails:            Ascendant – Run Lola Run

Top:              {le fil casse} Ariella Top  @ Mermaid Cove

Shorts:          erratic / carrie – denim shorts

Pose:            Diversion – Sunshine Poses @ Belle



July 16, 2019


July 19, 2019