Waiting for November Rain

Been awhile since I have actually written anything. This has been one of the most challenging months ever! I honestly can’t wait for October to be behind me, and just want November here! In this month, I dealt with new medicine for my cervical spinal stenosis to avoid surgery, my mom almost dying… she got clots in both lungs from her back surgery last month – then to top it off, they asked her if she wanted to sign a DNR AFTER they pumped her with morphine so of course she signed it, which made my brother, sister and I having to stay by her side for 24 hours for 5 consecutive days until she came out of it enough to revoke the DNR. As long as one of us was there if she went into respiratory failure, we could overwrite that DNR, but if we were not there, they would honor it! It was such a stressful time. Then I moved irl… I am both physically and mentally exhausted, but can honestly say, it is all behind me!! So thankful for my friends who stood by me through all of this, supporting me and keeping me sane! My pictures were less during a lot of it, and the ones I did do, were some stress relievers to escape what was going on around me at home… My time on facebook though was practically gone, as I couldn’t handle any other additional stress, and welp.. too much drama there most of the time LOL

As I write this, I am praying I keep my power LOL we have 70 mph winds going on. I am no where near the fires, so I am safe there, but I am in a zone of what they call “Under Consideration” zone to lose power if they feel it becomes at risk for a fire.

So onto the post….

Head:           LeLutka.Head.Chloe

Skin:             [Glam Affair] Lala

Hair:             DOUX – Vega

Dress:           *Just BECAUSE* Sorcha Dress

Pose:             Peekaboo – Love of the Rain – Pose Fair



With or Without You

October 29, 2019


November 2, 2019