Wake me up

This song definitely matches my mood the last few days with a few things that have hit me unexpectedly… music, has always been an amazing escape for me, so hopefully you can enjoy!

So maybe it’s time to remind myself of some of my life lessons… and use them to think through these times:

☆ People show their true colors when the going gets tough

You definitely find out who your true friends are when things get tough, trust me….I’ve been there and lost someone very close to me through one of my darkest moments.  So when you find friend’s and loved ones, who will be there with you through it all, those are your true friends! Remember, that goes both ways… make sure you are always there for them ❤️

☆ Life is too short, make the most of it!

Life is definitely too short, I know that far too well. Definitely make the most of every moment you have. Please don’t put time limits on things, you never even know if you have a tomorrow. Live for today and make the most of it, remember, if it’s something you are scared to do, take risks!!   “Stop focusing on what could go wrong… and focus on what could go right”

☆ The little things don’t really matter

Stop worrying about the little things, and try to remain as positive as possible. Fretting on the little stuff, just causes unnecessary stress, and is a complete waste of time.

☆ NEVER walk away mad

My #1 rule.  I will however, if really upset, take time to cool down before reacting so I don’t blow up and think levelheaded, but NEVER walk away mad. Always communicate, talk it out, and let what is wrong end right there and move on.

☆ Have no regrets.

Always be honest with how you feel, and be who you are. If you hide how you feel, and something happens to one of you, you may live with regrets by not having the chance to say what you wanted to say. 

☆ Karma is Real

TRUTH! Treat others the way you would want to be treated yourself, because trust me… Karma happens!

☆ No one is perfect

We are all unique, we all are different in our own ways, and nobody is perfect, we ALL make mistakes. Forgive, laugh and love each other for who we are.

So I had this great outfit from Forge that Deccan created for Days of Yore and it is amazing! I was struggling on how to Blog it and of course, Lucky to the rescue. I showed him the picture, and within minutes he presented me with this amazing idea, so all the credit I must give to him ❤️™️

Body:                 Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara

Head:                 .LeLutka.Head.Aida

Skin:                 [Glam Affair] Korina @The Skin Fair

Hair:                 Tableau Vivant \\ Vento

Lipstick:        Ascendants @The Skin Fair

Bodysuit:        [The Forge] Evelyn @ The Days of Yore

Gloves:                       Amias – Kaja

Pose:                 UZM – DualSword



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